Our hydroponics farm uses a state-of-the art design to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality produce with the lowest impact the environment. Unlike traditional farming that depends on the climate and weather patterns for harvesting, our closed-loop indoor facility maintains the best climate for maximum growth and nutrient absorption when compared to most indoor and outdoor farms.

we’re utilizing an
indoor closed-loop system

90% less
Water used



pesticides or

We use an array of sensors to monitor nutrient levels, indoor climate, and produce quality to ensure we’re growing the healthiest, cleanest greens possible. Since we’re utilizing an indoor closed-loop system, we use over 90% less water, prevent exposure to most foreign substances and outdoor toxins and pests and that means we dont need to use pesticides or herbicides.

we have a smaller footprint, literally!
Our greenhouse uses less than 10% of the land that a conventional farm would require for the same production, and since we need less space, there’s more room for other things, like solar and wind power generation.